Bingo Tournament by categories!

August 22nd 2019

Today is Thursdays of Bingo, you will be able to show who is the best in this game. Accumulate more chips than others to get higher prizes.

You can follow the tournament on this link**: Tournament Ranking

SuperVip rooms will be in the DIAMOND category. Now with new rooms of 500,000 chips.

For the most daring players, who are willing to win more by placing higher bets, there's the RUBY category. To participate, play in VIP Diamond, VIP Emerald or gold rooms. Now with new rooms of 300,000 chips.

For the rest of the rooms (except VIP Diamond, VIP Emerald or Supervips rooms), there's the PEARL category. Now with new rooms of 250,000 chips.

In all categories the winners will be the ones who accumulate more prizes!

*If a player wins in almost 2 categories, we'll assign him/her the prize in the superior category. That way, his/her position in the inferior category will be available for the user who got the position right after.

What can you win?

Ranking DIAMOND:
50 million chips for each one of the 4 first players!

Ranking RUBY:
20 million chips for each one of the 8 first players!

Ranking PEARL:
10 million chips for each one of the 10 first players!

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on August 22nd at 00:00 and finishes at 11:59 pm (UTC+2).
**The leaderboard will be updated every hour.

New game release: Caribbean Anne

August 21st 2019

Premiere! Caribbean Anne is here! Try the new machine and sail throughout the Caribbean and discover its treasures!

Try your luck and find out the new fixed wild symbols. They appear randomly and will help you win even more. Plus, get bonus spins or buy them with the hyperbonus. Don’t miss it!

Today open for all

Good luck!


Get 2,000 chips for FREE

August 19th 2019

Get 2,000 free chips *, placing a bet in any game, and within two hours, the chips will be added automatically.

Getting them is very easy!

As simple as that! We're waiting for you to play and to get to know the other players in our games!

* Registered users from 24 hours or more ago. You have 19/08 at 00:00 until 23:59 to get your gift (UTC + 2 hours).

Winners - Tournament of 4 games!

August 19th 2019

1 - bandit1717
2 - rodrigosimao123
3 - janinam8690
4 - marcoschina
5 - flavio55804
6 - tayebt76758
7 - marcelobiazotti
8 - pauloo76479
9 - toto03150
10 - gil123776

Tournament of 4 games!

August 18th 2019

How does it work?

The tournament will award the top 10 players who win the most in the following games: Parcheesi, Domino, Buraco and Belote. *

In addition, you will also be able to know in which rank you are :


The prizes will be:

1st winner: 12 million chips

2nd winner: 6 million chips

3rd winner: 4 million chips

4th -10th winner: 2 million chips


* The ranking sums the total of chips won in the 4 games.

* The tournament starts on 08/18  at 00:00 hours and ends at 23:59 hours (Spanish time). Winners will be awarded between 24 and 48 hours after the tournament ends. Before they are published, they will be reviewed and a thorough check will be carried out. If there are cheats, the user will automatically be removed from the tournament.

You have 30 seconds to form all pairs, come on!

August 17th 2019

Have fun and get up to 1299% in chips!

Form all possible pairs before time runs out. If you can, you will receive a unique promotion for the entire day.

Try it out and have fun!

Play now

*Exclusive promotion on 8/17 from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC+2).

New Daily Bonus!

August 16th 2019

Still don't know the new App's free chips wheel? Come in and pick up free chips every day.

Plus, we’re giving more chips than ever before. Don't miss out!

Download the App or if you already have it, update it.

Winners - SPECIAL tournament at BINGO

August 16th 2019

1 - susyyyy
2 - lorenamagallane
3 - haydencora
4 - cinmaty
5 - eustaquia34
6 - volvoreta50
7 - dakotta3
8 - 1melollevoo1
9 - 1410elodie1978
10 - antifaaa87

SPECIAL tournament at BINGO

August 15th 2019

Tournament in Bingo men vs women!

Who will be the winner?

We are going to reward the 10 best boys or 10 best girls that win the most chips in Bingo.

What can you win?

1st classified - 80 million coins

2nd place - 50 million coins

3rd place - 30 million coins

4º-10º classified - 10 million coins each

You can follow the tournament live at this link: SEE RANKING

Let the competition begin!


* The tournament starts on 08/15 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC + 2). The winners will be announced on 08/16.

** The ranking will be updated every hour.

Choose your favourite 7!

August 14th 2019

Choose your favourite 7 and see what awaits you…

Remember: In order for the promotion to be valid, you must choose one of the 3 to see the corresponding offer. Also, you can use the gift offer within the next 60 minutes.

Play now!

* The promotion ends on 17/08 at 23:59 (UTC + 2 hours).

Missions in the temple!

August 13th 2019

We must regain the lost treasures of the temple before it collapses.

- If you manage to win 2 prizes in a bingo room of 50,000 chips or more, your reward will be 50,000 chips. If you belong to the Club, you only have to win 1 prize.

- Win 2,000 chips* in 5 different VideoBingos. * The 2,000 chips must be won in a single match. Your reward will be 25,000 chips. If you belong to the Club, you only have to win in 2 VideoBingos.

- Finally, win 1,000,000 chips in Videoslots or Akamon Slots (Facebook or mobile) and your reward will be 100,000 extra chips. If you belong to the Club, you only have to win 750,000 chips.

Good luck!


** The missions will be available only on August 3 from 00:00 to 11:59 pm (UTC+2). The chips will be automatically received within two hours of completing your missions. 

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